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Flexible Solutions


We offer all types of simple and corporate and fiscal business addresses. We look at your current and future needs and from them we suggest flexible solutions that will allow you to grow.

Modular Solutions


Offices by the hour, dedicated office, meeting rooms and modular training rooms, according to nature of your event with capacity from 4 to 65 people.

Comprehensive Solutions


Amongst the many services that we can offer you to ensure the success of your event, our catering stands out. Choose between a coffee break, lunch or our «fusion food» menu.

The INSPIRA Group offers completely equipped offices with comprehensive services included, so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.  We have 80 offices with different characteristics  according to your needs, from 1 seat to up to 25.  Let us know your requirements and we will create the space for you, always beside you as you grow. Well-lit Offices, classic, modern, with music, divided, with a meeting room, private balcony, quiet, team rooms, to receive visitors, to concentrate … tell us what you need and we will prepare the perfect space for you. You can use all the services included in either of our centres.

We can offer you a range of options for your business:

  • a simple commercial business address in Madrid for your web etc.
  • a business, corporate and tax address in Madrid to receive all types of correspondence
  • a business address in Madrid with a dedicated landline and the possibility to transfer your calls as well as a commercial business address as well as presence in our directory
  • a complete package including full management of your correspondence with immediate notification and a dedicated exclusive landline with personalized answering as well as presence in our directory.

You can add to any of these different options, meeting rooms, lockers, storage facilities, accounting, telemarketing, design and printing of business cards, web design, etc.
Let us make your life easier!

We have 12 meeting rooms with capacity from 2 to 60 people in our two locations. Count on us for the requirements you might have: Interviews, video recordings, company meetings, training, team-building, group dynamics, presentations, networking, workshops etc. Our structure of moveable panels allows us to adapt the space to your requirements.  The Inspira group comes from the world of gastronomy, with 6 restaurants in Madrid, and we have a wide experience in the sector. Let us surprise you with our suggestions for your made to measure catering menu, freshly prepared in our restaurants.

In INSPIRA Workspaces we strongly believe in the power of Co-working.  For us it is not only a furnished space with an internet connection but a space capable of enriching and  building the relationships between professionals in different sectors to allow them to work together in the future.


Services Included

  • Internet, ethernet and WI-FI using a load balancer
  • Storage space
  • Comfortable waiting area with cafe service
  • 10% discount on meeting rooms
  • Possibility to have a telephone line with answering
  • Access to our Chill Out zone
  • Use of the communal balcony
  • Commercial business address

We have three amazing Catering options for your meetings:


Coffee Break

Nothing better than to start or continue your day with a healthy breakfast and a great coffee break. In INSPIRA Workspaces we have options for all tastes!


This is the choice that we offer in INSPIRA Workspaces for a light lunch, allowing you to continue with your meeting or training. You can choose from a wide range of options and recharge your batteries without distractions…

Fusion Food

Fusion food, in INSPIRA Workspaces, is the most daring option and the most creative.  Let us surprise you with a healthy menu of fantastic flavours!

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INSPIRA Workspaces’ DNA is the ability to offer our clients a solution completely tailored and adapted to their requirements.
This is the reason that we invite you to contact us, so we can help you..

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